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Photographic & AR Virtual Tours

For existing buildings and spaces, Picto can produce photographic tours from site surveys undertaken with 3D Laser Scanners and 360 cameras. The images are then linked by hotspots to create an interactive tour incorporating floor plans and cameras to improve the user experience.

As a further enhancement to photographic tours, Picto have developed a proprietary process that places virtual furniture, flooring & ceiling finishes, lighting and branding seamlessly into a photographic tour. This significantly broadens the appeal of existing, often bland and empty office spaces. Several examples can be viewed below.

With this powerful tool we can quickly transform your commercial, retail or residential project into a compelling space for clients to explore, across all platforms and with a level of user interactivity not possible with traditional 3D walkthroughs. We can also tailor the style & branding of the interiors to target specific clients you might have in mind.

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